• Do I qualify for Arizona concealed carry permit?

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    • Which states does the Arizona permit allow me to carry?

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    Protect yourself and legally carry in 35 states (29 states for non-residents).

    Certification isn’t just a piece of paper, it’s peace of mind.

    Protecting your loved ones has never been easier. Our certification process is quick and simple. Certification isn’t just a piece of paper, it’s knowing that you can be there to defend yourself and to protect your friends and your family when they need you the most. Take the first step in providing your family with the security they deserve. It takes a little more time than watching your favorite movie and it’ll provide a lifetime of protection. No other state permit offers the coverage allowed by the Arizona permit.

    We understand there are many different reasons people choose to carry. We value your right to arm yourself with the skills you need to live a more confident, carefree life. Take the free test today and take the first step to legal personal protection.

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